When we have to talk about hunting dog training, we need to specify that hound dogs (sighthounds and scent hounds) need various methods than gun dogs (Golden Retriever, setter, spaniel, pointer and water dogs).

Each dog breed has a special way of hunting and capturing prey which means the methods also have to vary.

If your dog is good at hunting and you want to take along with you next time you hunt, you need to apply some tips so that you both get the best out of your hunting experience.

You can start by spending a lot of time with your hunting dog to be right from the moment he is still a puppy. Socialization is highly important for training your dog and you need to take your dog in places with lots of people and other dogs. A good hunting dog is comfortable in the presence of “new” things and this is why taking him out a lot is essential.

Obedience is also a feature you want to develop on your hunting dog. You need to learn how to get your dog’s attention and this is why one-on-one attention with a professional dog trainer is more efficient than the group classes. He will learn faster and more if he’s the only “student”.

Unfortunately, it’s very important that once your dog is trained you also take him hunting as much as you can. If time goes by and you don’t go hunting for a while, your dog might forget some of the commands. You would need in this case to retrain him on the basic hunting commands.